Does WhatsApp Business Record Calls?

July 29, 2023
Does WhatsApp Business Record Calls?

Does WhatsApp Business Record Calls?

There was no built-in call recording functionality in WhatsApp Business as of my most recent upgrade in September 2021. End-to-end encryption, a feature that distinguishes WhatsApp from other messaging apps, makes sure that only the sender and receiver can read messages and hear calls. Additionally, because of encryption, the platform cannot access the contents of the messages or calls.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that in some places, recording calls without the agreement of all parties may be prohibited. Before attempting to record any calls, it is important to educate yourself about the applicable laws and regulations in your jurisdiction as call recording laws differ by country and region.

The use of call recording tools offered by software and third-party apps may be against WhatsApp’s terms of service and may even be illegal in some jurisdictions. When using communication platforms like WhatsApp Business, privacy, and legal considerations should always come first.

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