Lahore Students Create A Low-Cost Electric Vehicle

August 24, 2021
Lahore Students Create A Low-Cost Electric Vehicle

Students from Riphah University in Lahore have created a low-cost electric vehicle (EV) which will be mass-produced.The EV was built by Ammad, Mansoob, and Zameer from the university’s Department of EE for his or her final year project.

They claim it can travel up to 55 kilometres on one charge and reach a top speed of 70 kilometres per hour.When asked about their EV’s efficiency, Ammad, Mansoob, and Zameer said that it’d be improved by adding better batteries and motors, that they need requested the govt of Pakistan’s help.

The kids did the assembly and programming themselves, and that they stated that the designing and assembling cost them Rs. 200,000. “The vehicle’s operational cost comes out at roughly 0.7 Rs./km,” they continued, adding that an industrial equivalent for everyday usage would cost nearly Rs. 500,000.

ACCORDING TO the corporate , the EV’s engine contains 48Wh Leclanche cell batteries and a 2 kW motor, and it are often charged at any EV charging station. Temperature sensors are installed within the batteries and therefore the engine of the electrical vehicle. It contains proximity sensors on all four sides to notify the driving force of impediments, also as a buzzer to warn of potential crashes.

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