Students at UET Lahore turned old motorcycle into an electric car

August 24, 2021
Students at UET Lahore turned old motorcycle into an electric car

A group of scholars from the engineering Department at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore successfully transformed an outdated motorcycle (100cc) into an electrical vehicle as a part of their final year project.

Dr. Usman supervised the work of the team, including Ammad, Qaiser, and Bilal. an electrical motor, A battery system, and a controller were wont to replace the engine.

The unique invention allows the cyclist to succeed in a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour. Furthermore, an appealing range of distance, i.e., 80-90km, is now feasible with just one charge, which takes about three hours in standard conditions.

The UET Lahore-developed equipment meets modern requirements and provides an environmentally beneficial alternative to riding a scooter or motorcycle by lowering carbon emissions.When compared to a gas motorcycle, the electrical motorcycle offers a less expensive cost per kilometer.

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