5 Outfits to Wear With Bomber Jackets This Winter | Bomber Jacket Styles

January 10, 2024
5 Outfits to Wear With Bomber Jackets This Winter | Bomber Jacket Styles

5 Outfits to Wear With Bomber Jackets This Winter | Bomber Jacket Styles

A versatile piece of clothing that offers warmth, comfort, and style is the bomber jacket. Although Pakistani manufacturers provide a wide selection of bomber jackets, buying one would be a tremendous waste of money if you don’t know how to wear it this winter. Learn about the many styles of bomber jackets first.

Both men and women wear bomber jackets. Because they are unisex and can be worn with men’s bomber jacket ensembles, women’s bomber jacket brands are few. Therefore, both can wear the bomber jacket ensemble that is described in this article.

A bomber jacket: what is it?

Originally intended for use by pilots on military aircraft during World War II, bomber jackets are a form of clothing. You may have noticed that bomber jackets go well with uniforms. Warm and practical, bomber jackets were designed to provide ease of mobility and insulation at high altitudes. Originally, bomber jackets were lined with fur and made of leather.

Eventually, these suede and nylon bomber jackets found their way into popular culture. Pakistani brands of bomber jackets come in a variety of styles and materials, such as nylon, suede, and silk. They can be customised to meet various functional and artistic requirements.

How to Style a Bomber Jacket in Five Ways

A timeless bomber jacket look that works with a variety of ensembles. These numerous men’s bomber jacket ensembles are equally appropriate for women. To find out what to wear with a bomber jacket, go through the list:

Don’t wear a bomber jacket with ease. A basic brown suede bomber jacket looks fantastic with trainers, jeans, and casual footwear. In the winter, you may even wear a hoodie underneath for extra warmth and flair.
Because bomber jackets were originally designed as wartime pilot apparel, they are considered retro. These vintage jackets include warm, fuzzy wool mixes or wool sherpa collars and are composed of durable, water-resistant leather or nylon. Collared shirts or knit sweaters go well with bomber jackets. These jackets look fantastic with corduroy or dark denim.
One well-known style of bomber jacket is the varsity or letterman jacket. It has emblems, such as letters. This jacket is academic or sportswear from the mid-1900s. Tennis shoes, chinos, and a blazer go well with the jacket. Another alternative is to wear joggers with a sporty bomber jacket.
In case you are having trouble coming up with winter outfit ideas, you should know that a bomber jacket looks excellent when paired with a minimalist look. Wear a bomber jacket with a white T-shirt, slim-fit pants, and slip-on trainers for a classic men’s bomber jacket look. To make a statement, wear the jacket with khakis, white sneakers, and a turtleneck in a solid colour.
At work, you can wear it. Jeans and black leather are timeless options. But if you have work to attend, you can dress more formally by wearing chinos and a pair. Put on chinos with a deeper colour. A darker jacket will not look good with a lighter khaki. A collared shirt looks terrific with a well-fitting bomber jacket. You can appear professional and prepared for happy hour by dressing business casual from day to night and adding a jacket at the end of the evening.

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket: Three Tips

When purchasing a jacket, think about where and how you want to wear your bomber jacket.

An excellent choice is a jacket liner. Removable liners are a feature of many of the trendiest bomber jackets, which you can wear on their own. In addition, they frequently offer some warmth protection and can have a brighter shade. This gives it more worth and usefulness.
Make colour coordination. Proper colour coordination is crucial when it comes to bomber jacket designs. Black bomber jackets for guys go well with denim and either light or dark khakis. If you want something classic yet with some colour, a green bomber jacket is a terrific option. It will look great with leather boots and blue denim.
The ideal winter garment for Pakistan is a bomber jacket. Leather bomber jackets are more cold-resistant and can be used as winter coats, but some nylon versions have insulation and a knit collar for warmth. Some jackets are made of cotton, linen, or synthetic blends that can resist moisture. Lightweight bomber jackets have the same designs as typical bomber jackets, but they are more flexible and thinner. There are more outfit alternatives with the bomber jacket style.

In summary

See the page to discover the various styles of bomber jackets. You will know how to wear a bomber jacket with different clothes after reading this. Depending on the brand, bomber jacket prices in Pakistan can range from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 20,000.

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